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Soap & Glory - Do A Doodle

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    Eoin Casey


I designed an interactive app where users were encouraged to upload videos of themselves saying 'Do A Doodle' repeatedly for a chance to win prizes. This innovative application seamlessly integrated major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On Facebook, I developed a dedicated gallery to showcase the videos collected from Twitter and Instagram.


Whenever a user uploaded a video with the hashtag '#DoADoodle', the app automatically grabbed and linked it to the gallery for public viewing. While the front-end was constructed using standard tools like SASS, jQuery, and VideoJS, the backend was the heart of the operation. I developed a script to search through the Twitter and Instagram APIs for content related to the hashtag. Every discovered element was meticulously stored in an AWS RDS instance, ensuring swift and efficient retrieval for display on the front end.

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