Eoin Casey

Chief Technology Officer


As the Chief Technology Officer of AuditComply, I bring a wealth of experience in developing a wide range of applications, from large-scale social engagement platforms to user-centric dashboards for Software as a Service (SaaS) projects.

My professional portfolio includes notable brands like Netflix and Heinz, showcasing my expertise in delivering high-quality solutions for large-scale enterprises.

Additionally, my passion for working on smaller personal projects highlights my dedication to technology and innovation across various scales.


My personal projects have achieved a total of 580,500 downloads on both the App Store and Play Store. This milestone highlights the widespread popularity and success of my applications among users.

The total number of impressions generated through Google AdSense on my personal projects has reached an impressive 7,261,677. This significant figure reflects the extensive reach and engagement of my online content and advertisements.

I've released a total of 23 apps as part of my personal projects, all available on the Apple App Store. Each app represents a unique contribution to my portfolio, showcasing my diverse skills and creative endeavors.