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Racing Post - Stable Stars

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    Eoin Casey


I developed a web application that enabled users to place 'digital bets' on horse races at Aintree through Facebook, using a daily updating 'betting slip.' Over a span of three days, users could select their favorite horses and then wait for the results to see if they won. The goal was to achieve the highest score and top the leaderboard.


To gather betting stakes, we utilized parsing tools to scrape data from the Racing Post website, which was then stored in a local database. Users registered their accounts via Facebook, and an age gate was implemented to ensure participants were above 18 years old.


Upon registration, users could choose from a selection of days (depending on their registration date) and 'star' their favorite bets, saving them to their profiles. When they returned the next day, their scores would be updated if they had won. This updating process involved manual intervention, with SQL queries being used to update the scores for everyone who placed the correct bet.

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