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Lucozade - Challenge

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    Eoin Casey


I developed an application that supported the 'Lucozade Challenge' campaign, allowing users to create personalized promotional videos with their Facebook friends. In these videos, their friends' faces and names would feature prominently, resulting in an epic trailer.


Using PHP and various APIs, including those for video rendering and Facebook integration, I aimed to create a streamlined app focused on smooth operation and a consistent user experience. The app encompassed multiple complex components, starting with the initial stage of selecting friends via the Facebook API, storing their details, faces, and nicknames. It then proceeded to render the full-length trailer video, which was securely stored on servers and enabled users to share and vote in a gallery.

To optimize the process, I implemented Redis to manage the video rendering queue on AWS and automated the uploading of completed trailers to AWS S3. External APIs and services played a significant role in the project, necessitating constant monitoring to ensure the campaign's success.

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