UGG: Summer of UGG

This app allowed users to ‘spin’ the summer wheel to win prizes. It was an instant win mechanic, where users would be notified immediately if they had won/lost.

This app was unique for the brand, as we spawned a sub-domain from the main site to promote this campaign. Users would register for the ability to ‘spin’ the wheel of summer. Using a custom prize-time releasing custom code I wrote, we enabled a fair distribution of prizes over the length of the campaign. Users details were stored and rigorous validation was created to ensure they could not vote more than once every 24hrs.

It was a huge success for the brand, with our custom-built analytics platform showing thousands of spin actions being carried out over the campaign.

Ugg Logo Image


Python, Nginx


jQuery, Javascript

Project Type

Social Engagement App

Eóin Casey | Software Engineer

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