Soap & Glory: Do A Doodle

Users were asked to upload themselves saying ‘Do A Doodle’ as many times as they can, for a chance to win prizes.

This app made combined all of the major social networks, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being used. On Facebook, I created a gallery to show the videos that were scraped from Twitter and Instagram.

Every time a user uploaded a video with the hashtag ‘#DoADoodle’, it could be grabbed and linked to the gallery for viewing.

Using the standard tools such as SASS, jQuery and VideoJS the front-end was built, but the backend was where the real work was. I created a script to search each Twitter and Instagram API for the hashtag. Each element that was found was stored in an AWS RDS instance for quick retrieval on the front end.

Soap And Glory Logo Image


PHP, Nginx


jQuery, Javascript

Project Type

Social Engagement App

Eóin Casey | Software Engineer

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