Racing Post: Stable Stars

This web app allowed users to place ‘digital bets’ through Facebook, with a daily updating ‘betting slip’. Over 3 days, users can select their favourite horses at Aintree, then wait for the result to see if they won. Users try to get the highest score to top the leaderboard.

Using parsing tools, we scraped Racing Post website for betting stakes, and stored it in a local database. Users registered their accounts via Facebook, with an age gate in place to ensure no-one under 18 was partaking.

Users would be presented with a selection of days to choose from (depending on when they registered), with the ability to ‘star’ their favourite bets, saving to their profile. Coming back a day later, their scores would be updated, if they won. This was a manual process I carried out with SQL queries for everyone who placed the correct bet.

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PHP, Apache


jQuery, Javascript

Project Type

Social Engagement App

Eóin Casey | Software Engineer

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