Netflix: Bad Science

This social Facebook project was created for the last series of the now infamous TV series ‘Breaking Bad’. Users choose ‘elements’ from a periodic table to make up a sentence or phrase, along with a gallery to cast votes.

This app brought me back a few years, as I decided to run with the classic HTML table layout for the periodic table. Using a mixture of javascript, and jQuery the element would move to the ‘build your phrase’ div to start a sentence. Users then mixed and matched words to make an interesting sentence. Users submitted their phrase & registered their details for a chance to win.

A gallery was also present, where users could vote on each others phrases, and ‘share’ on Facebook.

A PHP backend with Apache server was the build for this. Using the Facebook API, I created actions attached to users accounts to promote the app in the newsfeed. Storing the FB ID, we could count and ensure there wasn’t an unfair advantage to people wanting to create multiple sentences to fill the gallery.

Netflix Logo Image


PHP, Apache


jQuery, Javascript

Project Type

Social Facebook App

Eóin Casey | Software Engineer

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