Lucozade: Challenge

This app supported the ‘Lucozade Challenge’ campaign, where users could create their own promotional video with Facebook friends. Their faces and names would appear in the fully customised video, making an epic trailer.

Using PHP, several APIs, including video rendering & Facebook - I set out to develop a streamline app thats core function was to operate smoothly and give a consistent experience for every user. This app had a lot of moving parts, from the beginning section of ‘choosing your friends’ via the FB API, storing details, faces and ‘nicknames’, to rendering the full length trailer video and storing on secure servers, with the ability to share & vote in a gallery.

I also implemented Redis to manage the video rendering queue on AWS, along with auto-uploading trailers to AWS S3 when complete. External APIs and services contributed a large portion in this project, and had to be constantly monitored to ensure a successful campaign.

Lucozade Logo Image


PHP, Apache


jQuery, Javascript

Project Type

Social Facebook Apps

Eóin Casey | Software Engineer

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